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Your virtual collaboratorCollaboratrice Virtuelle

Your Virtual Collaborator is a set of intelligent functionalities intergrated to the Juris Concept software developed in order to save you precious time and ensure you master your practice. 

It is in partnership with the law firms and the litigation departments that we took care to develop this artificial intelligence and its unique functionalities which make your software a partner of essential efficiency.

Its capacities and expertise

With  its collections of docments , the Virtual Collaborator is responsible for the layout of your documents. It integrates the data of your files into a selection of documents such as a fee agreement, a mandate letter to the client, an appointment confirmation, a notice to the other party, etc. and thus reduces the risk of errors. It also issues your receipts in accordance with the requirements of the Barreau du Quebec.

The Virtual Collaborator manages your calendar and your pratice  by reminding you of your appointments and deadlines to be respected using automated messages.  it also ensures that the relevant regulations of the Barreau du Québec are respected by warning you, for example, when the limit of 7500$ in cash has been received in the In trust account on a file, in one or more payments *, always specifying you the article concerned.

You can appoint it certain tasks that  will provide control, efficiency and in compliance. trAmong other things, it is responsible for the autommatic backup of yoyur date on a daily basis and in a safe place, away from problems that may arise.

She is your researcher thanks to the functionalities of CAIJ and SOQUIJ integrated in JurisEvolution.  It also executes your corporate type requests if you request it.  It’s expertise is wide!  See the Unification & Integration section for full details.

In short, your Virtual Collaborator works for you inside JurisEvolution!

*Article 71 of the regulation respecting the accouting and standards of professional practice for Lawyers