Schedule management • Juris Concept

Schedule management with JurisEvolution

Whether it’s an appointment with your client, a phone appointment, a deadline meeting, a proof of evidence, a court appointment or for another appointment or other important tasks, the management of JurisEvolution’s activities ensures you do not miss anything.

Visualize your complete schedule with the calender view

The calendar view of your activities is a familiar and well-known presentation. It is possible to see your activities and those of one or more colleagues in the same calendar. This view is particularly interesting when you want to get an idea of ​​everything that takes place in a file and visualize the schedule

Automate the assignment of your commons tasks

Automate the assignment of some common tasks in your folders with activity templates. An activity model is a series of tasks and appointments that must be made at fixed intervals or in a pre-established order, such as opening a file that normally takes place in a few identical steps. The planning will be useful for the manager in you. It allows you to visualize at a glance the work done or to be done by all stakeholders of a file for the current day, week or month!