JurisSauvegarde : le meilleur service de sauvegarde pour les usagers JE


to the online backup service that takes care of it for you every day.

Backing up your data is a critical daily operation. Often done manually, on an external drive transported out of the office – impossible when the data is in a cloud environment – your data may be subject to external hazards – theft, loss or destruction – and the operation takes time every day.

Have peace of mind: With a daily backup of all your critical data, which is done alone, once a day. A full copy of your data is automatically performed on remote Canadian servers and encrypted.

  • Data encrypted on remote servers
  • Security level similar to banking systems
  • Canadian servers controlled by Juris Concept
  • Replication of data on Canadian remote server
  • Daily report of the good progress of the backup
  • Daily copy
  • Backup on demand
  • Daily copies of data stored for 7 days
  • Monthly copies kept 12 months
  • Yearly copies kept for 7 years

The best solution for JurisEvolution users on the web as much as installed to ensure the security of your matters and all your critical data.