What is JurisMandat ?

JurisMandat is a feature in the JurisEvolution environment. When this function is activated, from the request of a client, the opening of the file is done automatically without manual intervention other than the acceptance of the mandate. The file will then automatically be assigned to a lawyer who meets the selection criteria for taking charge of the warrant.

Thus, JurisMandat is a complementary function to the JurisEvolution platform which improves the quality of your dossiers thanks to the electronic forms and smart, totally personalized for your office, which allow the opening of the dossiers and the assignment of the resources automatically!

JurisMandat benefits

JurisMandat is a starting point for opening a new file. Thanks to the intelligent questionnaire with configurable fields, JurisMandat makes it possible to:

  • receive relevant information before opening a file
  • create a dossier specific to the request type automatically in JurisEvolution
  • present and obtain information centrally organized and detailed as soon as the dossier is opened
  • automatically assign the new mandate to available resources according to an assembly of assignment rules

JurisMandat collects the information so that the new application is ready for processing and the file is opened. With a guarantee of information security, the file is initiated more quickly and the opening process is facilitated, thus answering current issues..

how to activate JurisMandat ?

In order to activate the JurisMandat function in your JurisEvolution environment and thus to take advantage of its numerous advantages, or to receive more information, please contact us and a member of the team will answer you quickly.

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