Formation JurisÉvolution au quotidien (pour JurisÉvolution 8.1.5)

Jurisevolution daily training

This training is offered as a webinar capsule. This is a training dealing with version 8.1.5 of JurisEvolution. This is not relevant training for any client using the Web or installed version of JurisEvolution 10.

The training provides users with the tools they need to fully utilize the features of JurisEvolution 8.1.5 management software (French only).



More specifically, it aims to bring participants to:

  • Maximize the use of dossier related activities and built-in Outlook Calendar;
  • Discover the scope of the legal functions included in the dossier, through the CAIJ and SOQUIJ;
  • Analyze the potential for conflicts of interest;
  • Enable a Chinese Wall to protect records and their documents;
  • Hse time sheets;
  • Understand the link between the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Outlook and Excel) and the document management of the dossier;
  • Learn how to use lists including open and / or closed dossiers;
  • Learn about software statistical analysis reports.



Webinar: 1 hour

Training recognized by the Barreau du Québec for continuous mandatory training*.

Activity code: 10104402

* Although the training can be followed repeatedly as needed by the users, the certificates will be issued only for the first registration of each lawyer.



Price for our customers

Webinar: Free for employees of a Lawfirm with a service plan for JurisEvolution.