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Production documentaireHow many hours in a day are spent writing letters, emails, procedures or documents?

JurisEvolution offers a document production assistant by allowing users to integrate their own document models or to use the basic model. Specialized collections by type of law are also suggested, such as the collection of the Form of civil procedure of Me Francine Payette.

With these models, complete documents are generated whose information comes from the files; no typing error, agreement and conjugation in gender and number, layout respected. Only missing the signature of the people concerned! More than 60% of our users estimate that they save time on a daily basis, with 10% saying they save more than an hour a day *.



Office collection

Included in JurisÉvolution

Write your most common documents quickly and efficiently!

  • Use a library of document templates available for your day-to-day operations including:
    • a fee agreement
    • a mandate letter to the client
    • an appointment confirmation
    • a fax slip
    • and more!
  • Merge your file information into these documents

Production de mes documents

Create your lawfirm’s collection

A unique collection, like your office, will ensure the standardization of all your documents. We integrate for you your own document templates in JurisEvolution. By creating your private collection, you will keep your documents enriched for several years, while making them intelligent, by merging the information of your files directly to these documents.

specific Collections

Discover our collections dapted to the type of law you pratice


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*According to a survey conducted with our clients in 2015