Le Livre de société électronique de JurisÉvolution

Corporate minute book

The perfect complement for your paper company record books

In partnership with ESC Services and its Quebec subsidiary CRAC, JurisÉvolution manages corporate law cases. From the e-book of your customers, it is possible to :

  • manage your transactions
  • manage your share categories
  • produce resolutions and registers
  • make incorporations in Quebec, Ontario and Canada;
  • search a company name
  • to apply for a NUANS report (Ont.)
  • submission of initial return in Ontario and Quebec
  • order your corporate accessories

Partage du livre de minutes : livre de société électronique

The virtual book of minutes, a professional and collaborative tool.

  • the different registers produced
  • resolutions
  • share certificates

The benefit of sharing your minute books is the ability to work with your client, accountants and lawyers involved without the minute book leaving your desk!

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