La comptabilité pour avocat simplifiée avec JurisÉvolution

Accounting Management


Billing is very simple, thanks to the document fusion, which uses data from your current work in progress and your dossier to produce your invoices from predefined templates.

Billing settings are very flexible and adjust to your practice and each dossier.

Master the activity of your practice thanks to statistical reports

The following reports are automatically generated at your request to give you a clear and quick overview of your practice’s activity

  • Work in progress reports by dossier or by employee
  • Accounts receivables and work in progress chronological reports
  • Work in progress profitability and evolution reports
  • Detailed or summary reports of hours by file and by partner
  • Customer’s accounts reveivables reports
  • Receipts statistics


In Trust features integrate the requirements of the Law Society’s bylaws and facilitate record keeping. They allow you to keep your in trust accounts up-to-date and produce all the required reports easily including the following:

  • List of amounts held in trust
  • In Trust Account Register
  • Receipt register
  • Annual accounting report

The main purpose of the in trust management with JurisEvolution is to provide you with assurance that you are compliant in the following transactions:

  • Management of property held in trust
  • Receipts, deposits, withdrawal
  • Issuing receipts
  • bank reconciliation

In fact, when you receive a property or a cash amount to cash in the trust account, a guide is proposed to generate the appropriate receipt. Moreover, according to section 71 of the Regulation respecting the accounting and standards of professional practice of lawyers, a special provision must be made by lawyers in the event that more than $ 7,500 in cash have been received in trust on a bank account of a dossier, in one or more payments. If this limit is reached, your Virtual Collaborator informs you and produces the special return that must be sent to the Barreau du Québec. No problem, you will comply!!

“The monthly management of our trust account was simplified the day we started using the Juris Concept software. ”

Me Gamliel Patricia

Cabinet Gamliel, avocats, S.E.N.C.R.L.

do your acounting easily

Simple and accessible to all users, even without accounting expertise, it allows lawyers working in solo practice or in Lawfirm practice – regardless of its size – to manage its accounting efficiently without complexity.


The video below shows you how to generate your financial reports and perform common accounting operations such as a purchase and a customer payment.

“I find that using Jurisconcept is very easy and allowed me, even if I did not have much knowledge of accounting, to do the accounting of the firm effectively, and this, especially thanks to the availability of your customer service. ”

Michèle Falardeau

Françoise Roy avocate inc.