Academy • Juris Concept

Welcome to the Academy

A JurisEvolution software deployment is underway within your company. As part of this process, the Academy was set up to make you discover in a practical way your new tool of daily work. The following process will activate a JurisEvolution web database of the “Patech & Rêvard” demo cabinet, in other words, a database containing fictitious information.

This database will give you access to the Academy where explanations, exercises and answers will be available to help you in your JurisEvolution learning.

Obviously, throughout your journey in the Academy, our technical support team remains available. Training * and Webinar will also be organized as part of the deployment. Your Juris Concept Deployment Manager will be able to give you the schedule and details of this process.

It is recommended to use the Google Chrome browser to use JurisEvolution on the Web. Since this is a learning database, the account created today will be destroyed after three (3) months.

* According to the impletation plan provided by the company.


Activation process

To start activating your account on the Academy, enter your office email address. This will take you to the complete process, which will ask you again to enter your address, then enter your name and the desired password to access the Academy. Just follow the steps. Thus, in a few minutes, you will have access to a JurisEvolution database completely dedicated to your software learning for the next three (3) months.

Your username to access the software will be your email entered 2nd place.

It is important to perform the process on a computer and having access to your mailbox. Any mobile device or tablet can not complete the process properly. Refer to your multipling agents for any issues encountered.

The academy is only available in french for the moment.

* An internet connection is needed in order to access the JurisEvolution Academy.