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About us

Since 1994, Juris Concept works on developing management solutions answering to the evolving needs and requirements law workers face in their daily pratice.

By provinding simple solutions and the availability of its customer service, Juris Concept provides, to over 5000 lawyers and support staff, the assurance of being compliant, effective and efficient in their day-to-day activities, whether for their administrative, document management or work organization needs encountered in carrying out their mandates.

Thanks to their functionalities adapted to the reality of legal professionnals, the work tools developed by Juris Concept are able to meet the needs of litigants and firms as well as the self-employed.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable lawyers and legal professionnals to fully master their professionnal practice, while improving their operational performance and profitability.  To do this, our team develops effective, proven and well-adapted solutions to the requirements of the profession, supported by a customer service marked by excellence..

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our values


The service is at the center of our technology and our interventions and aim at all times to answer the needs of our customers.


We are committed to acting appropriately and quickly to provide a complete solution that will enable our customers to do the same.


We work to provide a pleasant service and easy-to-use technology for the best possible performance.


We apply ethical an moral best practices at all times and we provide transparent and reliable information in all our business relationships.